Why is this sector so profitable and secure?

The forestry market is expanding

There is a global trend with a sustainable approach that is growing every year. Paraguay is following this trend and its environmental laws dictate that by 2025, 100% of industrial energy supply systems must come from sustainable sources, thus increasing wood consumption.

Invest in a secure industry

You will no longer depend on fluctuating values and will not take risks. This investment is located in a fairly constant market and allows you to wait for the ideal time to harvest, unlike agricultural plantations, for example. In addition, it ensures long-term income and contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Macroeconomic and political stability

The Paraguayan government has adequate policies for forestry investments. Decree No. 4,056 was issued with the aim of promoting the sustainable use of renewable bioenergy sources of forest origin. Therefore, you will have several financing options, favorable interest rates and accessible requirements.

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The growth in demand for timber worldwide

To prevent the depletion of natural forests, there is environmental, legislative and economic pressure on primary users of wood products worldwide.

In Paraguay, according to Decree 4,056, issued on September 14, 2015, companies and industries must migrate to a 100% sustainable energy supply system by 2025.

Currently, only 21% of the energy in the country's industries comes from sustainable sources. This, in turn, highlights the future growth in demand for reforested wood in this country.

However, the same effect will be seen in other countries, so being one of the pioneering investors in this market will be crucial for faster returns, as demand far outstrips supply.

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Paraguay's ideal conditions

Paraguay has abundant land available and suitable for forestry investments.

Its political stability, growing economy and legislation are favorable to such investments.

Its climatic conditions are very favorable for the development of forestry plantations.

In addition, its strategic location and the above mentioned leave its doors open to the rest of the world to implement important forestry projects.

And as if that were not enough, there is great interest from the government and financial entities, with long-term financing tools (12 years) for forestry projects, favorable interest rates and accessible requirements.

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How to Invest in a Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly and Positive Long-Term Return on Investment

We have created this digital book to help you understand:

• What is a forestry project.

• What is the Internal Rate of Return.

• What are the reasons that make Paraguay the ideal place to make the investment.

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The most complete forestry company in Paraguay

You have at your disposal everything you need to make your forestry investment, increase the productivity of your activity and make it more efficient, finding everything you need in one place: EFISA.

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Why invest with EFISA?

Our customers get a fully integrated service, from the identification of appropriate land, to the legal management of everything that the project demands, the adequacy and preparation of the soil, planting, management and even harvesting.

We provide several options to ensure the exit of your production to the market, with the possibility of a return in 3 to 12 years.

At current prices, our clients can expect to achieve an IRR of over 20%.

Industry leader in Paraguay

The only fully integrated forestry company in the country, with the highest ethical standards in terms of health, safety and sustainability.

Complete infrastructure

We continually invest in the improvement of our machinery and equipment in order to ensure the most competitive prices in the market.

Connections to the forestry demand market

We give you several options to ensure the exit of your production to the market, with the possibility of obtaining a return in 3 to 12 years.

Positive social and environmental impact

Our policy is to work in the sustainable sector, focusing entirely on plantations of fast-growing species, especially Eucalyptus, a fast-growing genus that is more efficient in the use of water, light and nutrients.

The plantations are made in natural fields underutilized in livestock/agriculture and degraded fields.

Each reforested hectare preserves 10 to 15 hectares of native forest.

In other words, we do not cut down native trees to plant eucalyptus.

In addition to promoting the use of renewable energies and preserving native species, each of the projects generates a large number of jobs, far above other better known investment models.

This guarantees a new experience, both for our investors and for the community surrounding the project.

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Learn about options to diversify your investments now, in a sustainable market with profitable, positive and secure long-term rates.

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