Ebook - Sustainable Investment with Positive Long-Term Returns

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Ebook - How to Invest in a Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly and Positive Long-Term Return on Investment

Is it possible to make a sustainable, profitable and low-risk investment in an area that has shown a growing demand in recent years?

The high need for wood from forestry projects, the steady growth of the economy and the incentive of the institutions make Paraguay the ideal place for this type of investments that offer a return of up to 20% and liquidity at various stages of the plantation.

Do you need help to learn more about the subject?

We have created this digital book to help you understand:

  • What is a forestry project: implications, profitability and risk.
  • What is the Internal Rate of Return in a sustainable investment project in this area.
  • What are the reasons that make Paraguay the ideal place to make the investment.

At the end of the eBook you will find additional tips that will help you understand what you need to invest the right way to get the best results, do you dare to know them.

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